Home Tour In Progress

Here is our home.  Notice all the pictures are before pictures since we have not done anything yet!  New pictures to come! This house is built in 2000.  A family lived there for 5 years, then college students for 5 (we live in a college town) and now we get to make it our home!  

Before:  Front of the House

Before:  Back of the house.  Notice the deck that is not built well at all.  The inspector gave it a 1 out of 10.  He said however that it is not a safety hazard and we can keep it for a while.

Before: Left side of the house.  Notice there is not really a driveway or a front walk.  There is however a beautiful apple tree that we would like to keep. 
 Before: Front Entry and Staircase

 Before: Entry to Living Room

Before: Dining Room and Back Door

Before: Kitchen

 Before: Upstairs Bathroom

Before: Bedroom (There are three of them but really they all look like this).