Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let the Planning Begin!


Well the house is not officially ours yet.   The inspection is on Friday.  But here is a picture of the dining room taken from the living room.  

We would like to get rid of the green carpet and put in laminate floors.  The question is install it ourselves or have someone do it for us?  I have been told light and dark laminate shows dirt, so I am not sure on the color.  Heather has dubed the green carpet "putting green".  I am thinking a little darker.  Then I would to take down the boarder, paint the walls a light tan and the trim white.  Tang asked me what I wanted for a house warming gift and I said "A Painter".  I then would like to change the light, and paint the back door that is currently green a white because it is an outside door.  Finally new bamboo blinds for the windows. 

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  1. Check out DIY network for tips, I love watching these shows. Dark wood will show dirt, our hard woods are walnut colored (I think) and I don't really see the dust that collects.

    I'm excited for you, hope everything goes well on Friday!


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