Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choosing a Paint Color

Heather has a been a great friend for a long time.  I love to ask her any type of design question because I always like to hear her opinion.  This question was about paint.  

  • My message on facebook: I know I am ahead of myself but I am thinking of paint colors. I want a off white color. I kind of like more yellow off whites and my mom likes more brown off whites. I want to do the entire house in the same color (except maybe the upstairs bathroom). What do you think?
  • Heathers response:   I did my house along those lines for the most part. I actually picked two strips that are both the color schemes you said. The beige that was yellow golds went down stairs and the browner beige tones went upstairs. I learned from all the makeover shows that if you are working with a smaller space it feels larger if you take colors from the same family and use them through out. The bathrooms were the only things I did colors like you said. And the top part of Brett's office is a pebble blue because his carpet in his office is navy and it was new. The old man tried hard and put new carpet in three rooms but I could only stand the colors in the two upstairs bedrooms. 
Good tips Heather!  I guess I just need to get some paint chips and look at them in the light of our new house! 


  1. What I did when looking for the right color blue was to pick up every single blue paint chip at Home Depot, then I taped them on the wall. That way you can see them in the rooms natural light, check them out during the day and at night, they look totally different.

  2. Thanks Diana! That is a good idea. I guess we have to be in the house first before I try this.


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