Friday, August 6, 2010

White Curtians

I want to add white curtains to the downstairs.  They are expensive.  I have been shopping and looking online.  I like the idea of silver grommets to match the lighting fixtures but I could only find them in Cindy Crawford that are $$$!  I found these at ikea but they do not have grommets.    Has anyone else found curtain deals anywhere?


  1. I got my curtains from target and Ikea for pretty good price. Maybe instead of grommets on the curtains you can use plain curtains with silver ring clips like these
    You can find them everywhere.

  2. Ring clips can work too. I found white curtains at Lowe's yesterday for $10 a panel. This could work!

  3. I got mine from target. They have them in white with the grommets and they come in all different lengths. Two panels for $24.99


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