Friday, August 6, 2010

The Evolution of a Bedroom

I have posted my bedroom on HGTV rate my space before.  Here is what it looked like in picture 1.  I just got the red comforter for Christmas.  It turns out it was not very comfortable.    It received 2.8 stars.  Then I changed it to picture 2 .  This room only received 2.3 stars.  Even though it did not look it in the picture, I felt more relaxed in this room.  The furniture in these pictures were all given to us.  When I felt it was time I bought our own furniture.  This is the bedroom furniture that will be coming to the house.  The last is picture 3.x  I bought a new bed and side tables.  They bed I found online and asked a local store if they will let me purchase it for the same price and they said yes!  They even delivered the bed and set it up for free!  The side tables are from target.  I was thinking about getting a single piece of granite and adding it to the top of each table.  

What will the bedroom look like at the house?  We will see!

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  1. Picture 3 looks great! I did mirrors on either side of the bed in my guest bedroom too and I think it's such a great way to add interest to the room.

    I've never posted on rate my space before, but I think it could fun. I may have to try that out too :)


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